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Remembering Our Babies – Annual Events

SPRING’s Snowdrop Walk 2021

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to have an impact on all our lives, SPRING once again has to sadly announce the cancellation of our annual Snowdrop Walk on Sat 06 Feb 2021 at Upton Country House and Park. We apologise for any disappointment this may cause but please know that SPRING is still here for you, and we continue to hold our virtual Open Support Meetings and online counselling service, so please do get in touch if you need us.

SPRING’s Christmas Remembrance Event 2020

SPRING’s Christmas Service, Saturday 28 November 2020

As with the Wave of Light event, once again our Christmas Service that would normally be held at St Mary’s Longfleet Church, Poole, was cancelled due to lockdown restrictions.

We were so incredibly sad that another of our special remembrance events was cancelled, however, we took the opportunity to share a message from some of those who are involved with SPRING, including members of the steering group, the Director of Midwifery, the bereavement midwife team, lead counsellor and SPRING’s administrator. Please click on this link where you can watch the message we recorded to all our families, supporters and everyone touched by the loss of a baby. https://fb.watch/300S5xnWrU/

SPRING’s Wave of Light Event

15 October 2020

SPRING’s Virtual Wave of Light, 15 October 2020
Virtual Wave of Light, October 2020, held in the SPRING Garden at St Mary’s Maternity Unit

As Baby Loss Awareness week drew to an end, SPRING took part in the International Wave of Light where people around the world light a candle at 7pm in memory of the baby or babies they have lost, to create a wave of light across the globe.

We wish we could have gathered in Poole Park as normal to light our candles, however, we read our some poems and lit our candle at 7pm to remember the babies who lit up our lives. We also invited bereaved families to send their pictures of their candles to our Facebook page as part of the Digital Globe of Light. 

SPRING is sending much love as always to our bereaved parents and families throughout Poole, Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.  Thinking of all those affected by baby loss around the world xxx

Following on from our Digital Wave of Light event held on 15 October, please click on this link if you wish to watch our video from that evening https://www.facebook.com/springsupport/videos/735998510320322

SPRING’s Snowdrop Walk

Saturday 08 February 2020

Snowdrop Walk

Around 100 bereaved parents, relatives and friends attended SPRING’s Snowdrop Walk on Saturday 08 February at Upon Country House and Park. Despite the weather being rather inclement on the days and weeks before, on that day, the sun shone for us, making it a really beautiful occasion.

Our guests were invited to join us in the Drawing Room at the impressive country house and as always, were invited to write messages for their special babies as well as listening to poems that were read out by members of SPRING’s Steering Group, before walking down to the Winter Garden to tie the remembrance ribbon around a tree.

Despite the area being rather muddy from the week’s rain, we were able to plant some snowdrops to mark the occasion and enjoy the sunshine as we remembered our precious babies.

After the walk, tea, coffee and cake was served in Upton House creating another opportunity for bereaved families to come together.

Thank you to everyone who came along and made this such a memorable event. It truly was a lovely location to remember our babies and welcome the coming of spring.